If you had absolute clarity about what actions to take to successfully market your business on social media and finally make a sale...would EXCITEMENT return to your days?

How would it feel to know that the the content you were creating and the connections you were making were all coming together to help you hit $3k, $5k, even $10k months in your business?

You have this free platform and
access to 3.81 BILLION people...But showing up MORE is only going to put more stress on you. Showing up BETTER...that's where the magic happens.

It's time for you to put an end to allowing social media to be the most frustrating and confusing part of business ownership...and turn it into a cash-generating machine that has uncapped potential.

You ready?

Heck yes! I'm ready!

Here's the thing, it's not about adding obscene amounts of people to your network, finding the best time to post, or even doing a live video every day. NONE of that matters if there is no well-thought-out, intentional, multi-layered strategy.

Simply put, there MUST be a method to your madness.

Instead of more "Social Media Tips" I'm pulling back the curtain and showing you:

*THE SECRET TO FINALLY motivating your audience into taking card-swiping action (and stop just "inspiring" them).

*HOW TO DETERMINE WHAT actions are the best fit for marketing your business on social and which you can give the boot.

*HOW TO IMPLEMENT and track your efforts to make sure each one is actually working and pushing the needle in your business.

I could use some of that!

So why does social media marketing make you want to bang your head on your keyboard in sheer frustration?

Because you took all the courses, read all the blogs, watched every webinar (twice), and even stalked those who seem to be doing it right...

You've constructed a list of things that *should* be driving mad sales including...

👉Post at the times that your followers are supposed to be "most active".

👉Engage for 30 minutes before AND after you post in favor of the algorithm.

👉Use emojis.

👉Put big spaces between each line.

👉Come up with a super long story to make yourself seem real and relatable.

You're trying to do it "right" and you STILL can't get any real traction.

Just a bunch of likes and comments from your Facebook fan club...

"WHY won't they buy if they like me so much?!"

Here's why...

Those "strategies" you've written in your journal? Those are optimization tips.

Tips to boost a strategy that you do not have yet. Until now, you've been handed lots of well-intentioned advice on how to get engagement on social media. But does engagement pay your bills?

Mine either.

Popularity is NOT a currency

Which is why Social Media Tips don't work.

You're not trying to be a social media rockstar... You're trying to be a business rockstar who USES social media as a tool.

The key to having a successful social media strategy that actually pushes the bottom line in your business is to stop thinking like a social media influencer who actually *does* get paid for their follower count...

...and to start looking at social media like a business owner, taking a proven marketing approach and shifting it to work for your social media platform.


If you could ditch the social media marketing drama and know that with everything you post, you're getting paid - how would that change things for you?

Sounds amazing doesn't it? Well hold on to your hat friend...

Hi! I'm Makayla, your secret weapon for FINALLY turning a profit on social media.

In just a few short years, I've built two 6-figure, service-based businesses as well as helped more than 500 women do the same using ONLY organic marketing.

Paying for marketing is NOT required to generate make sales on social media.

By simply treating people in my audience like the HUMANS that they are, creating a platform that is attractive to my dream clients, and mirroring a big-business marketing approach in my small business social media platforms...I've unlocked unlimited business potential.

...and I want to let you in on how to do it right!

Welcome to

Social Marketing School

Your step by step guide to learning how to market effectively on social media and FINALLY make sales. In this 6-module, self-paced program, you will learn the 3 key parts of a sophisticated marketing approach and leave equipped with a "big girl" strategy used by my clients who make $5k - $40k months through ONLY organic marketing.

I want in!!

So, what's included?

  • My 6-Step Curriculum showing you EXACTLY how to execute a social marketing strategy that converts. (My clients make 6-figures per year using this method!)
  • Checklist for each step so that all of the lessons are broken down and there's no question about what needs to be done to see results!
  • Support Group where you can ask questions and receive daily check ins and advice from me and your peers - no more getting lost when it comes to implementation!
  • Monthly Marketing Open Office Hour where you can come into my virtual office and ask me alllll the marketing questions you have!
  • Bonus curriculum and lessons added and updates made for the life of the course - and you get access to it all!

What works best for you?

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Here's what Social Marketing School has done for my friends like you:

“Before Social Marketing School I was spending hours on my Instagram because I knew I needed to be there, but I hated it and never had anything to show for my work. After just 4 weeks in the program I had a woman not only buy a product of mine, which I was not promoting, but also book a consultation with me. I had never spoken to her before!”


"My business went from bringing in $15k months to $30k+ per month and let me tell you why. Before Social Marketing School I guess we were lucky. I don't know HOW we even got to $15k other than our local support. But with the Social Marketing School approach, I can now implement these strategies for EVERY new product we roll out and I already know it's going to sell out. No question about it! I can't wait to continue implementing and scaling our business to the moon!"


""$10K months" was like...THE goal to achieve for me. I figured I'd get there eventually but month after month I became more and more frustrated by my stagnant income. I was doing EVERYTHING...or so I thought. Once I enrolled in Social Marketing School, I could clearly see the gaps. You have to be in Social Marketing School - I don't care how much you think you know about business. It will change EVERYTHING for you!"


"It doesn't matter what capacity I work with Makayla in, she always treats me like a VIP. The spaces, communities, and curriculum she creates are immersive and transforming - Social Marketing School was no different! Investing in Social Marketing School gave me such a valuable vault of information to implement in my business and the support around marketing that I'd been longing for. It was the exact kick in the rear that I needed!"


I want some of that!!

You know what you'll gain...

Now let's talk about what happens when you DON'T enroll in Social Marketing School. Because every course and program on the planet is going to highlight the shiny stuff.

Just because something is shiny, doesn't mean it's worth your resources. However, I know Social Marketing School is the right next step for your business growth because without it...

...you will continue to spend HOURS a day on social media and still not see any return on your investment. The average business owner spends a *very modest* 2.25 hours per day on social media.

How much are those hours worth to you? Even if you only valued your time at $10 an hour and ONLY logged on Monday-Friday...you're still spending around $450 per MONTH on social media.

I'm going to give it to your straight. Every time you log on to social media without a clear strategy on how to make your money back, you're losing money.

If someone were taking money out of your wallet - you wouldn't allow that.

So, why are you allowing yourself to be robbed of potential?



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