the content queen challenge with makayla ervin

By the end of the 5 days you will:

  • Discover the 5 simple content pieces you need to write to FINALLY turn engagement into sales - no more racking your brain week after week!
  • Have the tools to take your content marketing strategy from noisy to noteworthy - bringing in pre-sold leads with every post.
  • Know exactly what to say to convert your followers into paying customers - FINALLY motivating your audience to work with you instead of leaching free value.
  • And the ability to continue growing and attracting a larger *paying* audience - only up from here my friend!
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This challenge is for you if you are a:

Creative Business Owner

You enjoy social media and expressing yourself online, but you can't quite figure out how to generate sales from it - even though your audience loves you.

Content Creator

You're creating content and people are engaing - but that's it. You're ready to turn those comments and likes into leads and sales!

Established Business

Your clients love you and thank GOD...
because most of your new business comes from word of mouth. Now you're ready to generate leads on your own through social media.

Service Provider

You love showing off your work and educating your audience through your content...but you're ready to stop giving endless tips and start signing more clients!


Makayla Ervin

I'm Makayla Ervin - Brand Activation Strategist, Client Attraction Specialist, and Content Marketing Guru. I’ve pulled together everything I know about helping creative women establish authority in the eyes of their dream clients and become the “it girl” in their industry to create this 5 day challenge that will teach you how to FINALLY convert your likes into sales using 5 simple content pieces.

You no longer have to keep up with the social media trends and algorithmic changes. These 5 types of posts transcend across all social media platforms and will stand the test of time - no matter what crazy curveballs social media throws at us next!

Here's what people are saying:

"The Content Queen Challenge has helped me become an authority in my industry. High-end clients are finally recognizing me. "

"I have such confidence in my social media presence and my professional demeanor, as well as confidence in who I am and who I want to serve with my business. THANK YOU CONTENT QUEEN!!"

"We now know how to make ourselves stand out over other businesses in our industry - thanks to Makayla and the Content Queen Challenge"

"I feel purposeful. I have a direction that feels solid and sure-footed. Oh yeah, and after just day ONE of Content Queen, I had THREE inquiries for my brand new VA business!!"

"The engagement I have started getting from my followers on social media has more than tripled. I am started to see new customers and more sales from the engagement as well."

"My mindset about showing up online has been TOTALLY transformed and my confidence is through the roof! I used to thin it was a waste of time but I'm finally seeing the fruits of my labor."

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Content Queen?

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